TradeCruiser trading games are a unique interactive product created by market professionals specifically for traders and risk managers.

The games simulate a trader’s operations and allow the player to try out the various strategies that a trader might use in day-to-day work. The rules are very simple: the player acting as a trader buys or sells derivatives and watches how the price on the corresponding product changes. Depending on the conditions of the game, the player will need to choose a specific strategy and follow it. At the end of the game the player will see the net result of the strategy: profit or loss.

All games have a simplified screen design, which allows for concentrating on a specific mission rather than on how a particular platform operates.
The games illustrate stock market gambling on futures and crack spreads, as well as dealing in options. The games enable a player to strengthen their skills and knowledge, gain confidence, learn to make decisions quickly and to implement various trading strategies in practice.

These Business Games are for demonstration purposes only and continue for 3 rounds. Training Games, which include more complex rules and concepts, are only available for TradeCruiser workshop attendees.

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